WINDSUP  Paddleboard Windsurf Adapters


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Convert you SUP for windsup windsurfing

SUPFLY inflatable windsurf sails and paddle board conversion kits get you windsurfing in the easiest possible way. 

If you can stand up on a paddle board you will be sailing with this sail in just a few minutes taking all the pain out of learning to windsurf. The SUPFLY inflatable sail also connects to any standard windsurf board which means you can just use it on any existing kit that you have.

Fits any windsurf / sail mast foot - changes any board into a windsup paddleboard

For the ultimate in soft boards though we make the windsup SUPFLY PRO ADAPTER which converts your inflatable paddle board into a  windsurfer. If you just strap another sail on your board then it is very likely you will just drift sideways when you windsurf.  However the SUPFLY PRO system comes with integrated fin holders and fins to make sure your paddle board behaves like a  windsurf board and you can get windsurfing straight away.
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